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Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start guide can be found in the support once you login. 

Create Departments
You can start adding Departments to your Hub Planner straight away. You can do this via the sidebar or settings page.

Create and Invite Staff
Every Department needs to have Staff, so you can easily add Staff in the sidebar or the settings page.

Create Custom Groups
Create custom groups so you can easily manage and organise your Departments and Staff. Use the sidebar to create these.

Add Custom Events
Events are items which are specific to your business and can be visually added to the grid. An example could be meetings, vacations, illness etc. You have full control to add your custom events.

Add Custom Holidays
A useful way to highlight public or company holidays on your grid for all to see is to define these dates in your Holiday Settings. Each Holiday you choose will be displayed on the grid so you won't miss a thing!

Create Labels
Labels are essentially a way of tagging your Departments and Staff to create smart groups. Create Labels in the settings page.

Start Booking Time
Once you have all your Departments and Staff setup it time to start booking and scheduling time for your team using the grid!  

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