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  1. Are Custom Fields Available via the API?

  2. Bulk Bookings Upload

  3. Can a team member delete their own time entries once submitted?

  4. Can Everyone See Custom Fields?

  5. Can I add a Note to Time Entry?

  6. Can I change a Booking Category?

  7. Can I download / Export Timesheets

  8. Can I duplicate a Custom Field?

  9. Can I enable / Disable Custom Fields?

  10. Can I export to my Calendar?

  11. Can I filter the Resource List in Hub Planner Timesheets?

  12. Can I filter the Resources in Grid by Custom Field?

  13. Can I filter the Sidebar?

  14. Can I have two bookings on the same time?

  15. Can I hide Charts?

  16. Can I hide Projects which have no Booked and Actual Time Report?

  17. Can I Host Hub Planner On My Own Server?

  18. Can I rename the Custom Field Tab?

  19. Can I reorder Custom Fields?

  20. Can I Report Time Against a Project with multiple Categories?

  21. Can I report time on Events?

  22. Can I see Resource Groups in Hub Planner Timesheets?

  23. Can I set a default value for Radio Buttons?

  24. Can I set HTML5 Attributes on Custom Fields?

  25. Can I set up a Demo Call?

  26. Can I stop Free Text Tag Creation from the Modal?

  27. Can I turn off Charts / Graphs in Hub Planner Time Sheets?

  28. Can I view / edit other resources Hub Planner Timesheets?

  29. Can I View just 1 Day?

  30. Choosing a Template

  31. CSV Project Upload

  32. Do I need to have booked time to use Hub Planner Timesheets?

  33. Do you have a guided Tour?

  34. Do You have Video Tutorials?

  35. Does the iCal Feed Take into Consideration Non Working Days?

  36. How can I add a client?

  37. How can I add a holiday?

  38. How can I add a location?

  39. How can I add a milestone?

  40. How can I add a Project?

  41. How can I add a type?

  42. How can I add an event to the grid?

  43. How can I add an event?

  44. How can I add users to a grid?

  45. How Can I Add Users?

  46. How Can I Book Time on the Grid?

  47. How can I change how many days are displayed on the Grid?

  48. How can I change my billing information?

  49. How can I change the % or hours allocation on a particular booking?

  50. How can I change the account settings?

  51. How Can I Create Tags?

  52. How can I customize the template?

  53. How can I delete my subscription?

  54. How can I delete users from the grid?

  55. How can I edit an event or a booking?

  56. How can I edit thumbnail image in grid?

  57. How Can I Export Report Data?

  58. How can i hide the sidebar?

  59. How can I move an event or a booking?

  60. How can I Navigate the Grid?

  61. How can I remove a booking or an event?

  62. How can I share the grid?

  63. How can I Signup?

  64. How can I split an event or booking?

  65. How can I subscribe?

  66. How Can I Tag a Project or Resource?

  67. How can I upgrade my subscription?

  68. How Can I View Booked Time on Hub Planner Timesheets?

  69. How do I add a Project or Event

  70. How Do I Delete a Tag?

  71. How Do I delete all Projects / Bookings?

  72. How Do I delete all Resources?

  73. How do I know what the current day is?

  74. How Do I Navigate to a Particular Date in Hub Planner Timesheets?

  75. How do I reset a Row?

  76. How do I upgrade to the New Version of Hub Planner Timesheets

  77. How does the Resource Count towards Billing

  78. How Far Back does Calendar Store Bookings?

  79. How often are Bookings Synced?

  80. Hub Planner Timesheets Color Legend Explained

  81. If I Delete a Tag, will it be gone forever?

  82. If I disable Custom Fields will I lose my Report Data?

  83. Manage Projects Settings

  84. Manage Users / Resources Setting

  85. My Profile Setting

  86. Quick Start Guide

  87. Report Builder Column Definitions

  88. Time sheets is Missing from my Header, where is it?

  89. Welcome Page

  90. What are Booking Categories?

  91. What Are Custom Fields?

  92. What are Hub Planner Timesheets?

  93. What Are Tags?

  94. What Custom Fields will Appear in Search Filter?

  95. What does the red “Filtered” Tag displayed above a resource Mean?

  96. What does Un-submitted State mean?

  97. What Graphs and Charts are Included.

  98. What is Suggested Time?

  99. What is the difference between the classic version and the new version of timesheets?

  100. What Keyboard Shortcuts are there?

  101. What type of Custom fields can I create?

  102. When is Hub Planner Available?

  103. Where can I create custom fields?

  104. Where do I find my iCalendar Feed?

  105. Where is Time Sheets located?

  106. Where will the Custom Fields Appear?

  107. Who can see Un-submitted Time ?

  108. Will Custom Fields Appear in Reports?

  109. Will disabling custom fields delete the fields and data collected so far?

  110. Will my notes be displayed in Reports?

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